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Eculeus Group Publishing is a proud partner of E Squared Marketing.

E Squared Marketing is a dedicated team of marketing professionals who take your business’ goals and knock them out of the park. They bring a personal touch to everything they do–And they are just as committed to having fun as they are to flawlessly executing results-driven marketing strategies.

Starting with a strategy tailor-made to fit your business’ unique needs, they bring your customers an unforgettable online experience to grow your following, keep your business top of mind and distinguish you from your competitors.

With over thirty years collectively in marketing experience, The E Squared Marketing team brings a personal touch to everything they do while seamlessly executing winning strategies, the way that only a team of experts can.

Social Media Marketing Services Offered

They will ensure that you put your best foot forward in the social media world with unique curated content. Their engaging and personalized posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and LinkedIn will showcase your business and attract and engage your ideal customer.
Let’s get you found online. The E Squared team can optimize your ad budget to perform at its fullest potential! Let E Squared help you increase sales and drive results for your business with a robust social media ad strategy and execution plan.
Don’t let another comment slip by. The E Squared Team takes the time needed to engage with your audience online, answering any questions, messages, and jumping in to assist with reputation management if things get messy.
Influencer Partnerships are all the rage these days. Let E Squared build your local exposure and reach your ideal customer by bringing a human element to your brand. They will hand-pick the most relevant influencers to carry your message further with their own curated photos, posts, outreach, and promotions to potential customers on social media.
Leave the E-Newsletters to the experts! The E Squared Marketing team will create and send attention-grabbing, newsletters to build awareness of your offerings, launch irresistible promotions, and grow attendance at your events.
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