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EG Publishing is a proud partner of BPetersonDesign.

EG Publishing wants to make sure you have a strong online presence and a high performing website that can support the success of our marketing services. After over a year of vetting their company, EG Publishing is proud to refer BPetersonDesign for web design in Phoenix, AZ and its entire valley. Their SEO team and website designers are Google-Certified and keep up with Google’s courses and stay updated with their latest released.

All Websites Include:

All of our websites meet Google’s guidelines for organic ranking – this includes having a responsive design. This means no matter what device your customer is using, your website will respond to their screen size. Google themselves says that mobile-friendly sites show up higher on their search results, and it’s because users using their mobile devices make up more than half of searches on Visitors are 5 times more likely to leave your website if it’s not responsive.

Search Engine Optimization is always everyone’s biggest priority; And if it’s not, it should be. SEO and Google’s algorithm has advanced above and beyond since the internet first came out. Think of SEO has ways to communicate with Google bots. While most people still relate SEO with “search phrases”, that is only a small (but important) piece of the puzzle. SEO is now not only search phrases users type into Google search engine, but it’s also the full experience that users have when they hit your website and how relevant and up-to-date your website is. We will build-in initial SEO into your new website, and can continue to build on to it from there!

Content is the “meat” of your website. It’s what makes your site a, well – a site! Our Content Guidelines will help you or your content writer stick to the golden rules, while your point of contact we assign you from our team will work with you to make sure you have enough valuable content and write-ups.

All of our websites include a Monthly Maintenance Package. This allows you to improve your site after it has been launched, and gives you a monthly opportunity to keep it updated without hurting its performance. We will make sure the images have been resized, named correctly, alt tags have been set, and we are still paying attention to the overall health of updates.

We will install Google Analytics on your website and will email you a monthly report so you can see how your website is performing. The statistics don’t lie! This will help you to determine what updates should be made to your website and how you can better cater to your demographic.

  • Never Any Contracts

  • No High-Pressure Sales

  • Everything Is Month-To-Month

BPetersonDesign Specializes in:

  • Small Business Websites

  • E-commerce Websites

  • Non-Profit Websites

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