Written by Janae Peterson, Google-Certified Website Designer at BPetersonDesign

It’s no secret that 2020 was a difficult year to say the least. We watched hopelessly as our economy abruptly declined overnight due to COVID-19. This forced so many small business owners to think outside the box and brainstorm new ideas. Most of the time, though, pushing people outside their comfort zone allows room for growth; personal and business-related.

What this meant for small business owners in 2020 was to bring their business online. I’m talking about all types of businesses – the good ol’ boy stores who still handwrote receipts, small boutiques, service companies, delis, etc.

This was a good time to cater to their customers while making room to grow to new levels.

For other businesses, the ones who already had their businesses online, they realized they could benefit from a responsive website and an online scheduling system. In a way, the pandemic helped force small businesses into the 21st century.

Moving forward to 2021, we are all living our lives differently now – this means your customers and the audience you are targeting. I don’t care if you’re an insurance agent selling Medicare to seniors – even they have Zoom figured out by now. Virtual meetings and shopping online aren’t so intimidating for the not-so-computer-savvy individual anymore.

Now that everyone has gotten more comfortable with the digital way of life, our web design company has seen an uptrend in traffic usage and online sales for all of our clients that will only continue to grow.

“The House Doesn’t Fall When The Bones Are Good.”

The same goes for your website design. If the “bones” of your website are good, then the rest is easy to fall in place. We continue to have so many clients tell us they are doing “everything right” but they still aren’t ranking organically on Google search engines. Even when they are reaching potential customers, they lose them. Something as simple as a website builder can doom you.

Leave It To The Professionals

That’s a cliché phrase if I ever heard one – but true, nonetheless. We have a saying here at BPetersonDesign, one we always bring up (and yes, we made shirts!): “If you were really that good at it, then you should be doing it for a living.” When I say leave it to the professionals, I’m not talking about your grandson who can throw together a website in his free time – I’m talking about an actual professional website design company that not only specializes in helping to rank your website organically on search engines and to convert potential customers into a sale, but actually cares enough about you and your business to study the analytics and figure out new and better ways of doing something.

The takeaway? If your website is the only thing standing in the way of some major growth trends this year, then why wouldn’t you at least want to explore the opportunity of redesigning or revamping your website?

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