It’s no secret that the younger generations consume news differently than their predecessors. A recent study by The Media Insight Project dives deep into the news consumption habits of Gen Z and Millennials, painting a picture that’s both traditional and modern.

  1. A Love for News:
    Despite the digital fatigue many feel, 79% of Gen Z and Millennials consume news daily, and a whopping 96% do so at least weekly.
  2. Traditional vs. Social:
    While a significant 74% of these groups access traditional news sources weekly, their real playground appears to be social media. A substantial 71% access news daily on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more. These platforms have surpassed traditional sources in frequency, with Gen Z especially favoring social media for their daily dose of information.
  3. Preference Shifts:
    There’s a generational shift in platform preference. For instance, while 45% of older Millennials access news on Facebook daily, only 32% of Gen Z do so. Instead, Gen Z leans more towards Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat.
  4. Content Matters:
    Topics matter, and they vary widely. Gen Z and Millennials are avid followers of entertainment and celebrity news (49%) and food and cooking (48%). Other prevalent topics include traffic, crime, and COVID-19 updates. It’s interesting to note that sports, job-related news, and national politics have seen a decline in followership compared to seven years ago.
  5. The Active News Seeker:
    The debate of actively seeking news vs. letting news find you continues. Today, 38% actively seek out news, whereas 61% bump into it. This trend remains consistent with findings from seven years ago.
  6. Paying for Quality:
    With the digital realm booming and traditional advertising revenue declining, there’s a shift in how news organizations generate income. Around 28% of Gen Z and Millennials pay for some news product, showing a promising trend for the industry’s future. Nonprofit news sites and independent creators have also found a niche, with 25% of these young individuals supporting them.
  7. Engaging with News:
    Engagement isn’t just about consumption. Almost half of the younger generations share, text, or comment on news daily. However, their primary mode of engagement is direct interaction with family and friends rather than online or through social media platforms.

In essence, while the medium and platforms may change, Gen Z and Millennials’ engagement with news remains robust. The industry’s challenge is to keep evolving, ensuring it remains relevant and accessible to these digitally-savvy generations. As the news landscape shifts, one thing is clear: the thirst for information remains unquenched.