February 7th, 2022 | By Anna Aranda of E Squared Marketing

From already established trends that will continue to grow to new heights with added users and features to new and exciting ones that will take their place, here are some of the anticipated social media trends for 2022.

Video Content Will Dominate
Video content will be the number one form of engaging content. For brands to stay relevant in a constantly changing arena, fresh video content is a need. The channels in which to deliver this content are expanding. With the usual suspects like Facebook and Instagram remaining in the top spots, smaller networks are growing and offering new ways to deliver video content. Tik-Tok, Pinterest, and Snapchat will all see exponential growth this year. The formats to create video content are growing, such as short-form videos, stories, and reels.

Viewers Are Craving Authenticity
After a year that often left people wondering if the content delivered to them was authentic, the year 2022 will be one in which viewers demand authenticity. Viewers want to see products and brands that are inclusive and compassionate to all.

Ensuring Trustworthy Content
In 2022 viewers will seek out trustworthy companies and brands. As viewers seek to create a community and develop relationships online, ensuring the content and information a company or brand puts out is accurate will determine the size and loyalty of its audience.

Tik-Tok Will Continue to Grow
Throughout 2022, Tik-Toks star will continue to rise. Tik-Tok currently sits as the third-largest social network, with close to 800 million users and counting. After seeing massive user growth in the past two years, there is no doubt that 2022 will be another year of growth for the app. The short-form video-sharing app allows users to create 15-second videos on just about any topic they can dream of and then post for their followers to see. Tik-Tok has also added tools directed towards brand growth over the past couple of years. Tools such as business profiles and ads in the app.

User-Generated Content
While the concept of a brand using user-generated content to its advantage on social media platforms is not new, it will become a dominant practice. Brands are learning the advantage of leveraging user-generated content. Companies are encouraging users to create content. Promising users that they might have a chance at having their videos or posts showcased as part of a brand’s marketing. Creating valuable exposure in the process. Some companies are going as far as only using user-generated content for their marketing strategies.

Influencer Marketing Continues
Collaborating with influencers is not a new marketing strategy. However, in 2022 the practice of investing in influencer marketing will continue to expand. A wise business choice as the exposure a brand or company gains is cheaper than paid marketing. This year will see an increase in micro-influencers. A vast network made up of niche, relevant influencers.

Augmented Reality
We have all had experiences with augmented reality. Most likely without even realizing it. Those popular face filters on your favorite app are an application of augmented reality. Augmented reality is prominent across several social media platforms and apps. Brands have now begun to use augmented reality to their advantage in sales. Thus, creating an immersive and visual experience for buyers.

Virtual Reality
In 2022 virtual reality will begin to take off. Virtual reality will open a whole new door to reach customers and fully immerse them in products and community. We can see the beginning rumblings of what the future holds with VR headsets and the Metaverse.

Birth of New Digital Entities and Currencies in the Metaverse
The Metaverse is a unified 3D virtual world where users can create a digital version of themselves (an avatar). The avatar can then perform complex functions and interactions. The Metaverse paves the way for new digital entities to emerge alongside original digital currencies.

Social-commerce Sales Rise
Social commerce will take off in 2022. With recent technological advances, people crave instant gratification. Customers don’t want to take the time to go from a social media platform to a brand’s website. They want to be able to buy whatever product has caught their eye at the click of a button and then continue on scrolling. The rise and ease of social commerce will allow brands to turn leads into sales instantaneously.

Social Channels for Customer Service
Hand in hand with social commerce comes the opportunity to build the customer service experience for users. Interacting in real-time and authentically will present the opportunity to establish a brand’s loyalty.

Brands Hiring and Seeking Out New Talent via Social Media Channels
As new generations enter the workforce companies will begin to attract and recruit new talent via the social media channels these generations frequent. This helps them to showcase their brand’s purpose and mission through online content to attract the brightest talent.

Anna Aranda joined E Square Marketing as a content writer in 2022. As a military family’s child she has traveled the world but proudly calls Arizona home. She has a dual bachelor’s in accounting and management. She has a background in corporate accounting with experience working with multinational companies. She is excited for this new phase in her life and a chance to put her creative chops to the test. She is thrilled to be working alongside the talented and warm women that make up E Squared Marketing. E Squared Marketing is a dedicated team of marketing professionals who take your business’ goals and knock them out of the park. Learn more at esquaredmarketing.com.